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Brand Guide & Logo File Downloads

This page provides guidance for how to use (and how not to use) Near Earth’s logo.

Thank you for following Near Earth's brand guidelines when utilizing the downloadable logo files at the bottom of this page.

Logo Specifications & Format

The logo is the public expression of Near Earth’s identity, character, and quality.

Please adhere to the specifications for use as outlined below. The “o” height is the safe space. Please keep other elements outside of this safe space.

Horizontal Lock-up


Vertical Lock-up


Company Colors

Two logo files have been provided in the link below. Please adhere to the specifications for color provided below. RGB and HEX colors are for screen only and not intended for offset printing.

Asset 16 Copy.png
Asset 20 Copy.png
Asset 21 Copy.png

Logo Sizes

In all applications, please maintain a consistent sizing of the logo. Different sizes have been provided below.

Please contact if you need a different size.

Asset 28.png
Asset 27.png
Asset 26.png

How Not to Use Near Earth's Logo

Please do not apply any of the following variations, effects, or distortions to the Near Earth identity.


Download Logo Files



All content copyright Near Earth Autonomy, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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