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Boeing Makes Another Move In Autonomy Technology

Following its agreement to acquire uncrewed aircraft developer Aurora Flight Sciences, Boeing has invested in autonomous navigation specialist Near Earth Autonomy through its venture capital arm HorizonX.

The Robots That Saved Pittsburgh How the Steel City avoided Detroit’s fate.

"It’s hard to pinpoint the moment Pittsburgh began its three-decade climb back from the dead, but Red Whittaker marks the comeback from the instant he heard the ominous clack of a door closing behind him when he entered a secured building near the melted heart of Three Mile Island back in 1983."

Sanjiv Singh on “Personal Aviation” for Autonomous Flight

"Calling autonomous flight “the next frontier”, Dr. Sanjiv Singh hopes his keynote address on the topic at RoboBusiness 2013 will get people talking."

Piasecki/Carnegie Mellon Autonomous Helicopter

Previous uncrewed helicopters, like the Boeing A160 Hummingbird, could operate only in obstacle-free, pre-mapped environments.

Is this the first step toward a flying car?

"Along with the jetpack, the flying car tops the list of classic science-fiction imaginings that lead legions of fans to ask -- why don't we have this yet?"

Uncrewed helicopter missions a step closer

"With Sanjiv Singh's help, perhaps a Black Hawk downed won't be so deadly. Technology he developed with a team from Piasecki Aircraft Corp. in Delaware County enabled a full-sized helicopter last month to fly uncrewed, choose a landing site in unknown territory and land itself."

New helicopter ready for takeoff

A Carnegie Mellon University professor has helped develop the first-ever full-sized helicopter to take off, avoid obstacles in flight, and land in uncharted terrain -- all of it uncrewed and with the helicopter making decisions on its own.

Can This Autonomous Helicopter Improve Medevac Safety?

"A full-size autonomous helicopter recently flew past low-level obstacles and safely touched down on its own. Is this autonomous vehicle a small step or a giant leap in taking some of the dangers out of medevac rescues?"

Robot helicopter takes flight navigation to a new low

Flying low to the ground is a pilot’s nightmare: buildings, trees, and power cables all threaten to put an early end to the flight. But now the first large robotic aircraft able to fly at low levels and weave around such obstacles has been developed by US engineers.

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