Autonomous Flight Technology Tested on eVTOL Drone

Near Earth Autonomy’s autonomous flight technology is being tested on an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Volocopter. The combined expertise of the two companies will be used to further autonomous urban air mobility (UAM), culminating in a planned Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capability demonstration in Munich in 2022.

Fortune 100 Leader Joins Near Earth Autonomy To Expand Drone Capabilities Globally

Former Director of Technology and Innovation for John Deere, has joined Near Earth Autonomy as Senior Director of Market Strategy. With extensive experience developing and commercializing automation and robotics solutions, Foessel will lead business and product strategy as Near Earth expands its technology across new industries and applications.

How Kaman’s unmanned K-Max helicopter is getting smarter

Near Earth is collaborating with Kaman on the autonomy upgrade in a project funded by the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). This sophisticated decision-making capability represents a significant step up from the autonomy package in the first generation of unmanned K-Max helicopters.

Near Earth Autonomy receives NASA contract

NASA awarded Pittsburgh-based Near Earth Autonomy a contract to develop drone systems for industrial infrastructure inspection, according to a news release. 

Autonomous Drone Platform Resupplies Military Ops

Active-duty Army soldiers and Marines used Near Earth’s technology to safely execute resupply test missions in an operational demonstration last summer. The technology enables obstacle avoidance for safe flight and landing for reliable cargo delivery in dynamic environments. 

Autonomous Drone Navigation System Ends Reliance on GPS

Without GPS, drone navigation drifts, making it difficult to register data and, eventually, causes instability. With NASA’s help, Near Earth Autonomy is breaking drones’ dependency on GPS. In 2015, NASA emerged to take a leading role in the advancement of safe autonomous flight by establishing its UAS Traffic Management (UTM) project. That same year, NASA granted Phase I and II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts to Near Earth Autonomy to build technology for navigation without GPS or maps. Near Earth Autonomy’s SBIR work focused on safely navigating the most difficult parts of a flight with no GPS whatsoever.

eVTOL.COM: Near Earth Autonomy Aims to Make eVTOL Aircraft Intelligent

Sanjiv Singh speaks to eVTOL about Near Earth's participation in recent developments for a NASA research project. He explains the necessity of giving aircraft high levels of intelligence so that they can automatically respond to events during a flight as would a pilot in a conventional aircraft.

WIRED: Near Earth presents at eVTOL Flying Car Conference

Industry thought leaders gathered in Texas to discuss the public's adoption of air taxis. Near Earth Autonomy proudly explained urban air safety technology, alongside innovators such as Uber's Product Lead, Tesla's CTO, and George Bush at this invitation-only conference of 200 attendees.

Near Earth Autonomy Helps NASA Open the Skies for Drones

NASA and the FAA recently completed the final phase of a 5-year research project aimed at developing an air traffic control system for drones. The demonstrations were a critical collaboration between technical and regulatory stakeholders to prove they could manage commercial drones in an urban environment. 

PODCAST: Leadership Excellence at the Vangaurd of Autonomy with Sanjiv Singh

​CEO of Near Earth Autonomy talks to Ken Dunlap from Catalyst-Go on the Podcast ThinkingThroughAutonomy, a podcast to help you understand the promise and reliability of air vehicles in our world. Discussions include spinning a technology firm out of a university, lessons from landing autonomous helicopters, and the regulation hurdles Near Earth faces.

MILITARY.COM: Marines Get Resupply from Unmanned Helo During Exercise

"In a first, Marines participating in an integrated training exercise at Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center 29 Palms, California, got supplies delivered via an autonomous UH-1 Huey in an experiment that offered a glimpse into the future of logistics operations."


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