Near Earth Autonomy and L3Harris Demonstrate Drone System that Delivers Life-Saving Blood to Medics in the Field

Near Earth Autonomy and L3Harris Technologies have successfully demonstrated an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capable of  autonomously delivering life-saving blood and other medical supplies hundreds of miles from operational  bases to medics in the field.

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Near Earth Autonomy Partners with Global Construction Leader Kajima to Enable Inspections in GPS-Denied Environments Using Autonomous Drones

Tokyo, Japan-based Kajima Corporation, one of the world’s largest construction companies, has partnered with Pittsburgh, PA, USA-based Near Earth Autonomy to inspect GPS-denied environments.

Amazon Prime Air Co-Founder Gur Kimchi Joins Near Earth Autonomy

Gur Kimchi, Co-Founder of Amazon’s drone delivery service Amazon Prime Air, has joined the Board of Directors at Near Earth Autonomy.  An industry leader who has helped shape modern autonomous aviation, Kimchi co-founded and led the development of Amazon’s autonomous drone delivery service program, where he served as Vice President from 2012 to 2020. Additionally, he was a member of the Federal Aviation Administration Drone Advisory Committee from 2016 to 2020.

Kaman Unveils New Medium Lift UAV: the KARGO UAV Is a New Solution for Expeditionary Logisitics

Deployed service men and woman have persistent logistics challenges that are answered with this reliable, maintainable and affordable solution. The KARGO UAV will self-deploy with max lifting capacity of 800lbs. Near Earth will provide obstacle avoidance capabilities, precision landing, sense and avoid, and navigation in a GPS-denied environment.

Volocopter and Near Earth Autonomy Partner on Autonomous Flight Capabilities for the VoloDrone

As leaders in the eVTOL and autonomy industries respectively, Volocopter and Near Earth Autonomy will combine and apply their expertise to further autonomous urban air mobility (UAM). Together they plan to demonstrate their progress in a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Capability Demonstration in Munich in 2022.

Former John Deere Executive Joins Near Earth Autonomy as Senior Director

Alex Foessel, former Director of Technology and Innovation for John Deere, has joined Near Earth Autonomy as Senior Director, Market Strategy. With extensive experience developing and commercializing robotics solutions, Foessel will lead business and product strategy as Near Earth expands its technology across new industries and applications.

Near Earth Autonomy extends autonomy to large-scale VTOL aircraft

With support from NAVAIR, Near Earth Autonomy and Kaman Aerospace have partnered to develop an intelligent autonomy system for the K-MAX helicopter, a large-scale transport aircraft. The capability developed will be applicable to large aircraft that can take off and land vertically with a broad set of commercial and military applications.

Near Earth Autonomy Awarded NASA Contract to Develop Contact Inspection Drone Systems for Industrial Infrastructure

Much of our national infrastructure, private and public, needs inspection and repair.
Underserved markets with a well-defined need for these inspection tools include transportation infrastructure, energy, heavy industry, mining, and aerospace. Effective inspection, especially structural non-destructive testing, is a key part of planning repairs and avoiding mishaps, and better tools are needed to catch potential failure.

Autonomous Resupply for Military is Flying Into Reality

Active-duty Army soldiers and Marines used Near Earth’s technology to safely
execute resupply test missions in an operational demonstration last summer. The technology enables obstacle avoidance for safe flight and landing for reliable cargo delivery in dynamic environments. 

Near Earth Autonomy Helps NASA Open The Skies For Business

NASA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Air Traffic Management (UTM) system is providing industry leaders with the opportunity to demonstrate to regulators that multiple aircraft can be flow in simultaneously in complex urban environments. Near Earth’s drone repeatedly demonstrated the ability to react to contingencies that required flying to the closest designated landing site and finding a safe place to land. 

Boeing HorizonX Invests in Unmanned Systems Technology Leader Near Earth Autonomy

CHICAGO – Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced its investment in Near Earth Autonomy, a Pittsburgh-based company focused on developing a portfolio of technologies that enable safe and reliable autonomous flight.

Vahana, an A³ Project, to Use Near Earth Autonomy’s Landing Zone Assessment Technology

Santa Clara, Calif. and Pittsburgh, PA A³, the advanced projects and partnerships outpost of Airbus in Silicon Valley, has entered into a contract with Pittsburgh’s Near Earth Autonomy, a leader in autonomy for air vehicles, to use Near Earth’s landing zone assessment technology in Vahana, its electric, self-piloted vehicle project. Near Earth’s technology will be a component of the overall sense-and-avoid system for Vahana’s full-scale vehicle to be demonstrated by the end of 2017.