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Efficiently capture and localize information with your preferred sensors and vehicles while safely navigating complex, GPS-denied environments with the Topaz system.


Range of Applications & Industries

We engage with innovators across diverse industries who need reliable, intuitive systems for fast, accurate, safe status assessments.



3,343 cubic meters inspected per minute

No Delays

Real-time data gathering, what you need to know, when you need it.

Minimize Downtime

Get immediate data without losing millions a day during shutdown.


Measurements down to 1 cm for precise insights

Go Where GPS Can't

Use immediately in any complex or confined environment without GPS or added infrastructure.

Use Your Sensors & Vehicle

Collect data using camera, IR, thermal, gas, and almost any  sensor or vehicle.


Detect and avoid obstacles

Fly Safely

Avoid accidents with the system’s ability to find safe paths in complex environments.

Reduce Risk

Assess dangerous areas without scaffolding or PPE.


Repeatably detect, track, and address

changes in your assets over time.


Safety & Speed

Rapid inspection while autonomously avoiding obstacles without GPS or infrastructure. 

Tank Farm Inspection
Industrial Inspection

Inspection Process Example

Autonomous tank farm inspection to safely detect, locate, and track issues.

plan flight (first time only)

1. plan flight.png

collect data safely & repeatably

actionable analytics

take informed action

Choose Your Perfect System

Each situation is different. We will work with you to ensure the right product and services for your needs.

Product Options:


Mapping & Autonomy Integration With Desired Vehicles

Ideal for those who want to integrate Topaz with their vehicle and sensors.

Bring our technology  your vehicle and sensors together.


Stand Alone Mapping Unit

Ideal lightweight mapping system.

Apply power and capture point cloud maps by hand or mobile robots.


Complete Autonomy & Mapping Flight System

Ideal for those seeking a turnkey end-to-end system.

System includes a drone, sensor, ground control station (GCS), and a pilot controller.

All Options Include:

Detailed point cloud and data



Inspection functionalities


System sheet

Topaz PDF

Let's Connect




Need a custom crafted system, a demonstration of the technology, or want to discuss your business needs and applications?  Near Earth provides safety, performance, and efficiency.  Get a complimentary consultation with industrial inspection experts.



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